Enter The Kettlebell Week 7

I think I’m coming to the tail end of this project. Do I still love kettlebells? Yes. I just don’t want to do this RKC program anymore. I’m going to do next week and do a wrap up. I figure 8 weeks is a really good gauge of things. I’m just not 100% mentally behind it. I follow some blogs about swinging classes and such. For the whole time. The same movement. I can’t push myself to be so repetitive. Nothing new changed in the program, or will for the next few weeks anyway besides reps.

Nothing dramatic this week happened. Some days the 10kg on cleans and presses was light, but most of the time it was heavy and I had to do a little push press. Not a huge deal, but I felt I could have better done some other exercises in that time period I blocked out. Now I’m already fixated past week 8. What to do? I won’t be writing about it every week unless I’m motivated to do so. I wanted to write about every week on the EtK program to remind myself that I saw results and that it was working.

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