Enter The Kettlebell Week 5 Update

Okay, this week was much better. New exercises! Monday was really great, and I was a bit scared of the snatches but I remembered how to do them. A bit of bruising from the cleans and snatches. That will happen until I do them all properly. Tuesday I took a bit lighter than written doing the AoS Providence first half only once, not twice. My forearms still hurt from the bad form abuse.

Wednesday I planned on working out but we went out for birthday celebrations instead. I ate too much crap and grease. I have been eating bread (homemade) and too much junk in general. Still eating vegan and off the cheese though. I felt so bloated and crappy on Wednesday though. Working out wasn’t in the cards. No worries because I just did a day shift. I haven’t really had to shift any days at all until now which is pretty cool. These workouts are so quick that if you can’t find 15-24 minutes that is just weird. Now the workouts are getting longer, and I’ve had Wednesdays off all last month so I was already poised for a break.

The rest of the week I either took off or finished the laddered kettlebell days. I feel like I’m coming down with something or allergies. I did finish the written out days and will continue for another week. The change was really welcome. Optional days were not optional this week, I took them to rest. Read all day today and hoping my glands are not so swollen tomorrow.

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