Enter The Kettlebell Week 4 Update

There comes a time where I just want to give up.  The squats (not even full squats) just kill my knees and my butt hurts all the time. I can generally work though this with fun workouts. There is not much “fun” in hardstyle. Or maybe that’s just me. There is repetition and results. It really does remind me of the Russian “no bs, just do it” mentality. And for me that makes for a rebellion.

I got through week 4. I did some extra single armed swings on Monday. Tuesday I hurt a lot in my arms (not from working out, previous injuries) so I did 2 turkish get-ups and called it a day. I wasn’t about to drop another kettlebell on my head. Thursday I was so freaking sick and tired of the warm up that I did 100 weighted squats along with a handful of halos and pumps before the swings and jogs (which I did jumping jacks instead). Friday I was angry and did 100 more weighted squats with 5 tgu on each side. Yesterday I hurt a lot but went on a hike. It was a bad move since the hike was really hilly but I was cranky  and thought it would improve my mood.

This program is making me cranky. However, (and a big however) things change week 5. Ladders start. Cleans, presses, snatches, pull ups. I can’t even do push ups so pull ups seem kind of impossible. I’m going to substitute with rows. The AoS dvd’s come into play for variation (thank sugar). But really, it is the same things for weeks on end. And I don’t know how much I’ll be able to take of that. It is like this RKC program only sees 5 kettlebell exercises. Halos, double swings, cleans, presses, snatches. Yes, they are effective. VERY. But mentally tiring. You can add others, but it is written in the most utilitarian way.

 But what about those results since I’ve been at it a month? I’m down 2.5 lbs without diet and my upper traps are well defined. In fact, I don’t really love that look on me, but hell, if it makes me strong I can deal with it and wear a shirt. You see, I have pretty bad indentations from my heavy chest and bra straps, so building up muscles across my neck and shoulders just accents the divits that actually go down to bone damage. I just think my smaller shoulder caps just can’t balance it out. My waist went down an inch and my right bicep went up .25″. I’d probably see more definition if I weighed less, but well, it wasn’t the point. I’m a lot stronger which is what is spurring me to continue at least for a few weeks. May not finish the 12, but I’m not at a quitting point yet.

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