So VeganMofo 2011 (or Vegan Month of Food)  is starting in October. I did it last year (tag was veganmofo2010) and had a lot of fun. I found so many cool blogs through this project, and so many cool recipes and ideas.

Last year I didn’t have a theme besides “post every day”. This year I feel like a need a theme but I’m coming up empty. I need to talk about something each day! And I kind of want to do it around a theme, and make it fun. It can also be challenging too.

So I need help from you dear readers. What do you want to see? A sugar based theme? A whole 31 days of beans (that could hurt!)? Maybe a month of raw or gluten free?  31 days of watermelon photos (I think that would rock for me only)? Healthy? Cheap? Desserts? Chocolate? Maybe veganized recipes from my Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook?

You see, I can think up a lot of things! What do YOU want to see? I know the husband has already voted for chocolate even before I tell him he has a choice, but I’m leaning towards the cookbook challenge!