Today Was Fun! 146th Scottish Highland Games

We haven’t been to a Scottish Games in quite awhile, and I was happy to go back today! My grandma was Scottish (my Grandpa was Irish) so it is always fun to see a bunch of men in kilts, especially when they are doing some heavy athletics. Damn they are strong!

We all know I have a love for heavy athletics (kettlebells, duh) but we generally don’t hang out and watch the games. This year we did since friends bought us tickets to sit in the stands. Super sweet.

So we watched the women’s and men’s caber toss which was pretty cool. Men are tossing 175 lbs! However, we were sitting right in a good view of what I call the bell toss, but wikipedia calls it the “weight over the bar” or “weight for height”. Yeah. You get it. 56 lbs that’s shaped like a bell or kettlebell and it is tossed behind over the limbo stick with one arm. So cool. They got up I think past 18 feet! I was wondering if there was a women’s division and I think there is but we didn’t stay for it. I couldn’t figure out the weight of the womens caber or weights though. I kind of want to do it, except for the sun and outdoors for hours part. Either way it was fun to watch, and I rooted for the Canucks 😉

Oh hey look, a shinty game.  Yeah, we didn’t get over there. Just take my word for it, they were having fun. Shinty is kind of like field hockey, but way cooler.

We saw some pretty amazing British cars. Oh yeah, Triumph used to make cars! I love the bikes, but I’d be fine with this red beauty. My birthday is coming up, but I have a feeling the husband would get me a bike before a Triumph car!

Of course there was the obligatory faire food. I got a falafel. I think there was no chickpeas in said falafel, it was just deep fried dough. And I got a watermelon juice that was pretty sub par. Oh well, that’s what you get when you go to faires!  Lots of music and it was hot. I just noticed I didn’t take many photos. How crappy of me. Oh well. I had a great day and I’m looking forward to a quiet evening out of the sun.

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