I’ve been seeing bloggers around writing about RoadID, which is a super cool company and I was excited to hear about them. Anyone that does any exercise outdoors especially alone needs to carry ID. You never know when an accident will occur, and if you can communicate with the person that finds you. I always have my drivers license and phone (with an ICE emergency contact and Google Latitude running) on me, but now that my hikes are getting longer I don’t feel like it is good enough. I paid for this out of my own pocket, because I think it was worth it.

I always tell the husband when to expect me back and where I’m going. But what if something happens and I can’t call or it takes him awhile to notice I haven’t moved on Latitude or checked in? Well, RoadID is very cool because they have so many options. You can get a wrist, ankle, neck or shoe tag. You can get it printed with static information and phone numbers, or even cooler is that you can get an interactive RoadID.

Since we are in a rental and move a lot (and still have Missouri phone numbers) I decided that the interactive RoadID is perfect for me. I do have my basic info on the tag, but it ties to a database where I have a lot of my medical and personal information including my current insurance info for the hospital. So while the tag says “NO CODEINE, HYPOTHYROID” I have all my other info right there with a phone number or website for the first responder that I can edit and update at any time.

I got the neck version because I didn’t want another thing on my wrist to compete with my Garmin. My ankles get very dirty when hiking as do my shoes. I figured it was a really good place and it looks a bit like a medic alert tag. If I go for a run in the future I can always tuck it into my bra so it doesn’t jingle, not a big deal. I paid for this out of my own pocket as well as the yearly database. It is something that is worth it to me for a peace of mind for me and my loved ones even if nothing happens. I sure as hell hope nothing happens, but it is just one very easy extra step to make sure I make it home each and every time I go out and exercise on my own.