Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve: Bald Knob Trail

I was pretty intimidated by Bald Knob Trail before I even got there.  As we all know, I’m trailhead directionally challenged and this one was a trailhead off the side of a small road that wasn’t marked that I’ve never been on. Yeah. However, I got there easily and identified the trailhead right away! So proud, considering I’ve missed turn offs for major state parks. I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like (which is pretty much like all of my hikes around here because of the microclimates) and I was glad to have my jacket in the trunk. It was very cool out.

Hah, this is why I’m not an actor. Anyway, it was very quiet, and kind of spooky since I was essentially hiking in the fog belt at 2pm. It was wonderful though. I think that this is one of my favourite trails so far in the bay area, and it is pretty close to my house. It was quiet but there will still people around so I felt safe. I ended up going farther than the trail on to the Irish Ridge Trail, which honestly is a waste. It was just all up and down rolling hills and quite boring. I was happy when I got back to the Bald Knob to get back to my car.

The trees were massive and there was a ton of moss on the floor of the forest as well as growing all over the trees. It wasn’t just damp on this day, it is probably wet all year round. It did start doing a heavy mist which turned into rain but I was comfortable in my jacket and hat. It was really nice to walk on however after being on dry loose gravel. I ended up doing a bit less than 6 miles which is great. But that was because I took the Irish Ridge trail which blows. If I want a quick secluded hike in the future though, I’ll definitely come back to Bald Head.

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