So I was procrastinating when I left to go for my last hike. I had to drive out to Half Moon Bay (which is only 15 minutes tops if there is no traffic) but the weather was really nice so I figured traffic would be a bitch. And it was, and I didn’t even get to Skyline before turning around at 3pm, I only had 4 hours of sun left and I was planning a 7 mile hike, and I wasn’t even close to getting there! Oops. So I wandered down 280 remembering about Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve since it was across from my Edgewood hike.

Okay, this is pretty much a dog park. Which is fine, because honestly everyone was friendly (not one person passed and didn’t say hello) and the dogs were not rabid little beasts. In fact, I ended up on the Blue Oak trail that is in the off-leash section of the park and things were totally fine.

So the off-leash section is pretty much a paved road. So I got bored with that and noticed a little uphill trail. And while wandering around the overgrown trails I found a tipi and flowers. So random. Then I wandered back to the Polly Geraci Trail.

There was a lot of open space around here. However, there were some shaded bits so it wasn’t so oppressive and sunny. The bottom half of the PG trail is shaded, and you can exit there and then walk back to the parking lot. I chose to do an out and back and go back the way I came on the Dick Bishop Trail. It had some nice (but not stunning) views. This park is one to keep in my back pocket. I did 5 miles and could have gone up the Hassler Trail to the Dusky-Footed Woodrat Trail for a bit more mileage which is probably in my cards next time. I was running out of sunlight though so I didn’t want to take too much time.