Oatmeal, My Time To Wax Poetic About A Tasty Grain

Why do I never write about oatmeal? Well, I don’t generally think it is worth a blog post. And it is probably because I’m really annoyed by seing some bloggers post a damn bowl of oatmeal … EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Wow, yeah. I mean, oatmeal is great and all, but not worth a daily post.

So here is my one, since I actually do eat a lot of warm oatmeal. I don’t like it smooth or creamy. I know, I’m weird. I also don’t like it very watery, it has to be very dry. I only use water when I cook the oats. If I’m making a variation with dried fruit I add it to the water when boiling to plump up a bit. If I’m using frozen fruit, I make sure to change the water amount to reflect the added moisture. I also will put the frozen fruit in the water as well. Everything else gets added in to the mix about 1-2 minutes before the finish.

While I don’t like my oats creamy, I do generally add a half of a banana to give it a bit of creamy texture that helps glue some of the oats together without making the oats mush. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of fresh fruits (peaches, strawberries & bananas) in my oatmeal. I’ll generally keep to what is seasonal. Apples will be coming up, I chop them small and add them to the water to get them a bit soft.  Banana raisin is what is going on above.

I think the most important ingredient I use is baking spice. I rarely make oats without baking spice or cinnamon. I’ve always loved spiced fruit.

I’m not really a fan of other toppings, or nut butters. I don’t know, I feel like the nut butters get lost in the oats and you have to use way too much to make it worth it taste wise. Also, I’m not into all the extra calories that granola, muffin tops or whatever other treats add to oatmeal. I don’t even add sugar.

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