It Was An Ill Advised Ice Cream Crawl

Yesterday we headed over to Oakland/Berkeley to celebrate a friends birthday. Her tradition is to do an ice cream crawl, and this is such a cool idea. Since she has hosted this in years past, there was a pretty solid system of timing and open shops where people could meet at any stop midway or at their preferences. We tried to stick it out to all nine, but only made it to 8. That’s pretty impressive! Here’s what I ate!

The first stop was Ici in Berkeley. We showed up before they opened and there already was a line. And the line just kept on growing. It was beside a Lululemon store and I was very tempted to go in and shop but today was all about expanding the waistline. I got the Raspberry-Melon sorbet and it was very good. I was surprised that the raspberry didn’t overpower the melon.

I was already having a bad camera day, so don’t judge with the photos. The next stop was Tara’s Organic that was down the street. The husband didn’t really love the one he had from here but the Mango Agave sorbet was pretty good. They had tamarind but I wasn’t up for the challenge. Everyone commented it was good, but in small doses.

The third was my favourite: Scream. Funny enough, it is across the street from one of our old apartments! I’m kind of glad we don’t live there anymore since I’d be double the size. I think this was the husbands favourite too, and they all were non-dairy which he found surprising. I got the Peach and it was wonderful. I’ve seen them at the farmers market and passed them up, but now I’ll be on the hunt.

This is where we missed one to get some real food, but then we met back up at Firenze. The husband wanted lunch and we were right by Barney’s so we couldn’t pass it up. But when we got to Firenze I was super excited to see Lychee! Yay! It wasn’t the best, but it was such a great flavour. It was a bit icy though. The husband got a crummy flavour so he was starting to taper off after that one.

Swinging back up to Berkeley, Chocolatier Blue was my bomb. I was on a roll kickin it non-dairy and they only had one flavour. Which was pretty exciting because it was Salted Watermelon. Unfortunately, it was horrible. The texture was really bad, and it just tasted bad. To me there was too much salt, and others found it too sweet. I didn’t finish it. The husband was nursing a coffee so he was no help either. I should have went dairy with the chocolate ice creams, but oh well.

John’s on Shattuck was next, and they have $1.00 scoops.  The only non-dairy was this crazy neon thing called Sour Splash. It tasted like sweet tarts. I’m going to blame this one for my really upset stomach today 😉 It was so very unnatural. Kind of funny since we had all been eating yummy organic stuff.

I can’t decide if my decision to like the Plum flavour from Almare was because it was really good or because I had just eaten a cup of frozen sweet tarts. I think it was good and it wasn’t super sweet, I think. My taste buds were really off by now.

I was super excited to get to Naia and see non-fruit flavours, I should have done non-fruit at Scream. I was one of the first in line and grabbed the Soy Cookies and Cream. The taste test was fine, but honestly, it was slimy. I was told later that all of their soy flavours are a bit slimy. I finished it quickly and threw in the towel. 8 in one day! The birthday girl rounded it out to 10 by doing a quick stop in Ben & Jerrys! That is stamina!

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