Well, October is the husbands favourite month. He has a birthday (not that he cares), loves fall colours, and the weather starts to cool down. For me though, it has been traditionally the month where summer is really gone, and my birthday is still too far away. Now living in CA, we tend to get hot weather in October which is fine by me!

Also, it is pumpkin season. We’ll be hitting up the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival for sure this year. Sure, it has way too many people and kind of kitchy, but we love HMB and pumpkins 🙂

This October is also VeganMoFo, and I’ve decided to do the Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook recipes. A month of veganizing random “Canadian” recipes. Most recipes have a cute blurb on their origins, so I’ll be sure to include those. Not sure if I’m going to get through 31 recipes from the same book (that is meat centric) but I’m going to try for at least 20. Expect lots of desserts and randomness in October!