Enter The Kettlebell Week 2 Update

Wow. When looking back to week 1, I’m pretty excited on how much I’ve done in 4 more kettlebell workouts. I finally got the Turkish Get-Ups on my left side and learned it is all about practice. In fact, I increased my weight on my TGUs! I’m super excited that I could do that. In fact, I did 3 on the LEFT side with 8kg. My weak side where I was having problems swinging my leg under without weight.

I also increased my weight in my swings. Then on the Thursday workout they were sneaky and added 10 more to each set making it 30 instead of 20. It goes up 10 each week! That’s what I get for skimming the program, fun suprises.

I’m doing more pumps but not each day. I’m seeing progress and I’m getting stubborn about it. Since I’m focusing on pumps I’m just not able to focus on push ups. It will come, I’m sure. I started doing rows instead of girly push ups working on a bit more upper strength. Weight and everything was up a lot. Yeah, ice cream crawl the day before I generally weigh in. I’m sure it will go down after I lose this damn sugar jitter, I could barely eat until last night. Ugh. Not really worried about the weight, more worried about it snowballing into eating crap for a week.

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