Enter The Kettlebell Week 1 Update

Well, I’m done with week 1. Week 1-4 are pretty much the same which is good. I’m frustrated and yet okay with everything. The warm up exercises are interesting. Squats I find easy, halos (kettlebell circling the head) are always a bit of a challenge since it is above my shoulders but I did fine. The third written warmup is called a pump. Here’s a video.

As you can see (maybe, I never imbed youtube videos), it is like a downward dog to some sort of cobra move if you want to talk yoga. Pretty easy huh? Well… it tore up my abs. This exercise burns! I did 4 sets of 10 the first workout day, and couldn’t do any the second day. The third day I got 10 very painful ones in. The fourth day I did 1. Yeah. It is something I hope to get stronger in doing. And that’s just the warmup!

There are 2 days of cardio/swings and 2 days of Turkish Get-Ups. The cardio days are very tough for only being 12 minutes. I had to modify there as well, but I did the full time. There is only 2 handed swings on those days, 20 at a time. I did it was 8kg and it was way too easy. I was exhausted from the cardio inbetween though. Next week I’m moving on up in weight for that part.

I hate Turkish Get-Ups. I can’t do left ones, for some random reason. I just can’t swing my right leg under my body to a kneeling position. The first day I just tried and tried with no weight on that side. The next time I used 4kg and really tried to dissect what I was doing on the right as opposed to the left. My balance on where I’m putting my weight is off I think. I’m not putting enough weight on my left leg to swing my right under. I did some pretty ugly get-ups on that side, but I stood up and got back down. I really need to get this down, but it has always been a challenging move for me, even with light weight. Maybe I should just hang out in a bridge position and learn to shift my weight. I don’t know how to fix this besides practice and hopefully not picking up any bad habits.

This is where I’m completely missing my kettlebell classes. Mike would have been able to point out and fix exactly what is wrong. He did it with the right side. Now, I have to figure it out on my own or pay a ton of dollars for a trainer to tell me. And I’m not really up to that right now.

I’m down a bit of weight, but I’m not trying. Just trying not to eat straight up bread with yeast, and less refined sugar. 1.2lbs is enough for it to be a random swing, not that I’m not happy. The only measurement increase has been in my calves, which is not a bad thing… unless I’m boot shopping.

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