Last time we were in Berkeley we stopped in at Bobby G’s Pizzeria. I heard good things about it, and it was a fun atmosphere. What was also cool is that I could eat there (vegan), my gluten free friend could eat there, and my omni husband didn’t feel cheated eating there. I can’t stress enough how pleasant that was! Nobody had to give in, except for us each getting out own pizzas which I would do anyway… because I’m a freaking glutton. Anyway, pizza, in Berkeley. Yum.

This is the husband’s pizza, and he was in love. It was a bacon and egg pizza. Breakfast on a pie. He said it was wonderful and actually had a craving for it earlier this week. (The husband just came up behind me and said “Oh pizza! Can we go back there again, I really like that place, my pizza was awesome”.)

I got a mushroom pizza and I was so impressed. I’m always scared of fake cheese honestly and I almost didn’t order it but a friend said it was good and I trust her. Bobby G’s does it right. No processed fake cheese here. They use a garlic tofu spread/sauce type thing and it compliments the pizza well. I wasn’t madly in love with the crust which was too wet/floppy in the inside and too crispy to fold on the outside crust but honestly it was still good. And I think after this post I’ll be going back very soon since now I have pizza on the brain!