Appetite For Reduction Pad Thai Salad

I stopped eating salads for a bit because they were getting boring. Then I pulled out Appetite For Reduction again and saw the pad thai salad. I fully admit, I wanted it just for the peanuts (note to self: give up the nuts already, the mold is killing my candida issues and mold allergies). It was really tasty however and the dressing had a bit of kick. I was pleasantly surprised, but it doesn’t go on my “I have to eat this everyday” list. It was a good change up. I used spinach and I really liked the texture change with it. It took about 5 minutes total to bring it all together, including making the dressing. Now that is a quick meal! It was even okay as leftovers. The bean sprouts stayed crispy and the spinach held up its own. Not that there was much in the way of leftovers, I’m a volume eater remember? Oh, and I shared with the husband who thought it was pretty good too.

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