So I finally got in a full kettlebell workout earlier this week. I did The Art of Strength: Providence and realized how much my slacking has made me weak. Boo! I can’t really say much since I haven’t done a full kettlbell workout since uh, March? So I decided to start a new kettlebell challenge. Obviously, the hiking challenge will have to wait until the new year, it is unfair to expect that many miles in 6 months. I’m still hiking at least one time a week.

Anyway, I think I’ve settled on busting out the Enter The Kettlebell program. There is a female one, called From Russia With Tough Love, but  honestly I want to work on upper body strength. Because I hate being weak. And there is a work book that is spelled out for me. So lazy.

But I’m worried.

First of all, I’m weak. I did kettlebells for a year and still had a rough time of moves with kb’s over my head. Obviously, this is going to change. I plan on doing each day, but if I have to switch to a 10lb dumbbell for Turkish Getups or anything of the like, I’m still considering it a win and I am not going to redo the week. Hell, they might not have any weight the first week. I have issue with swinging my leg under me on my left side.

And I don’t really like hardstyle. Pavel is the big daddy of hard style. But you know what? I’ll get strong. And what weight to use? Well, there’s no way in hell I’m getting more than 8kg above my head currently. But I might be able to use my 12kg for swings. If I could finish the whole program with an 8kg and not die I’d consider it a success. I ordered a 10kg, and hell, if I feel good about things I’ll pick up the 16kg in a month or so. I miss the huge discount for kettlebells at my old gym *sigh*. I don’t really like my 8kg, but I have one so I best use it.

Maybe after this I’ll be able to do some damn push ups. Oh, the bane of my damn existence.