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Alhana Foods on 37th in San Mateo

We used to go here years ago, and with most things, we expected it to change. So timidly we went back to Alhana Foods for some Mediterranean food and were pleasantly suprised that it was still good! Yay!

It is a little grocery store with a deli, and boy do we love this deli! The husband always loads up on candy when we come, and they actually have some British/Canadian stuff as well (Smarties! Lion Bars!). I tend to be focused on the falafel and hummus. They are both fab, the falafel is so crispy. I’ve been getting the plate, but the sandwich is just as good. Oh, did I mention they have garlic fries? Totally a great compliment! The husband gets shwarma usually, and some for the next day he loves it to much. All in all, it is pretty quick, good quality and very tasty. I wish the fries were thicker, but hey, at least they have fries!

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  1. elspeth says

    Have you been to the new Aladdin yet? I”d be interested in hearing how it stacks up against Alhana.

    • Shannon says

      Nope, we haven’t been yet! No clue, we never went there anyway. I guess we should check it out, it is close and all.

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