Saturn Cafe Berkeley: What Do You Mean I Can Eat Everything On The Menu?

We got invited by friends to hang out in their neck of the woods and they promised to feed me. In fact, I went with 3 omnis to Saturn Cafe. Sometimes you need some diner food, and sometimes you need more than one choice on the menu. Saturn gave me both, in fact… I was overwhelmed.

It was pretty darn dead for a Sunday but hey, at least we didn’t have to wait. A friend told me on Twitter I needed to check out Gather that is across the street but we needed reservations so that might happen next time. Either way, I got my fill. Literally. Let me break it down for you:

We started out with some grease… I mean the vegan sampler. It was great. Honestly, I liked the taquitos the best. I don’t dig sweet potato fries (everyone else does) and the garlic fries were not right. The garlic wasn’t oily enough, if that makes any sense. But yeah, the taquitos were the bomb. 2 people got shakes and they were inhaled. The husband got a non-vegan coffee shake and a friend got a peanut butter vegan shake. Honestly both looked amazing.

Our friends had vegan nachos (FYH cheese) and the Spartacus salad. Hindsight is a bitch. I should have gotten a salad but I felt like if I could actually eat here I might as well get something else even though I was drawn to the salads. I always get salads. Note to self: that is NOT a bad thing. Hey, at least I avoided the nachos. That was a challenge in itself.

The husband got the Chicken Avocado Club and I got the FLT. F for fakin’ bacon. Aka, Morningstar bacon. I was kind of bummed it wasn’t tempeh but hey, it was “bacon” not at home. Yes, I ate that all. Well, I left a few fries.

This is the part where I get honest. I ate so much food I felt like I was going to die. Seriously. I haven’t overeaten that much in a long time. I was feeling like I was still in that place too, days after which is just as horrible. I still feel meh. I haven’t even worked out, I just feel bad. So much… crap. While I did it to myself, nobody force fed me and I went to a greasy (abeit vegetarian) diner, I’m still mentally feeling sick. That needs to not happen again. My poor choices made me think of dieting again. It is so much easier to say “no fried food dumbass, it isn’t on your diet” than saying “dude, chill with the fried food, it makes you feel like crap”. Because the feeling like crap part doesn’t come until after the food. In fact, I stuffed myself so silly that I didn’t even have any dessert. And they had cupcakes *pout*

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