Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve 7 Mile Hike

I totally didn’t get a park sign photo, as I was busy trying to get through the park traffic and then had to circle a bit for a parking spot. See, I was planning on hitting up Rancho San Antonio during the week, but last minute I had forgotten my directions (and trail notes) to the park I was heading out to this weekend so I decided to stop in at Rancho since I knew where it was and it is right by work. And in my venture on a weekend morning, it was packed. And I was prepared to write a scathing review on how much I hated it and how much people sucked and how much the world was out to get me. But this review probably won’t end up that way.

To get to the trails you have to walk through the Deer Hollow Farm. That is where 90% of the people are going with their kids. People. Everywhere. There is someone from every walk of life at this park it seems. I got to follow the buttflap brigade for almost two miles. Ugh. Okay, let me talk about this comment. Women: you have a butt, everyone does. You might not like your butt, but don’t wrap a t-shirt or sweatshirt or something around said ass if you don’t want people to stare at your butt. It makes people stare more. Be proud of your butt because it is moving and not sitting on the couch. In fact, I think most people would be ignoring your ass but you have a bright pink shirt making it shift back and forth right infront of their eyes. Because it was way too hot out to need that long sleeved tee, you aren’t fooling anyone. And that is my rant on that.

I took the Lower Meadow Trail and people started to peter out. And it was very open, but I was happy to just be almost alone. I kind of felt like I was in Missouri in April or May. The trail was pretty much flat and reminded me of Columbia Bottom Reserve or some of the other open trails I didn’t write about (pre-killer bunnies blog). So I got a great mileage pace here and then it started to go uphill with the High Meadow Trail. And that was fine. It was nice and shady and a consistent incline.

Once you get up high enough you can actually see the bay. There still were people on the trail at this point, but most were there to do their duty and not be in the way. There was also inquisitive wildlife who actually didn’t mind posing for photos.

Very very tame deer. It is weird, but well, this park is so busy that I’m sure the deer don’t really give a damn. I felt better about the park when I got to the shaded trails. If I do this park again I’ll probably just hit the High Meadow and maybe some of the other shaded trails. You still have to trek a bit to get to the actual trailheads but that’s okay. At least it would be okay on a weekday!

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