Racy Rice Pudding From How It All Vegan

This is my second time documenting making Racy Rice Pudding from How It All Vegan. The first time I used white sugar and baking spice. This time around I used brown sugar and a ton of cinnamon. It was wonderful. A great and easy way to use up leftover rice. That’s pretty much why I make this recipe over and over. I really don’t want to go through the whole rice cooking process, and sometimes you just have too much rice to use up and want something different.

I’m sure there are some really great slow cooked rice pudding recipes but this isn’t a dish that I crave much so I never look. I didn’t grow up with it so it doesn’t count as comfort food. And I don’t like it runny, so I make my rice pudding pretty darn solid, just like I make my oats. It is a consistency thing. And cinnamon raisin rice? Can’t go wrong there!

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