Loving Hut Chinatown. I Made The Husband Eat Tofu… Again.

I’m not a very militant diner. I switch from vegan to vegetarian a lot, mostly when out depending on how my stomach feels. If I want cheese, I’ll have cheese (if I know I can handle it that day), if I want a plain salad, I’ll have that. You buttered my roll? I’m not going to bitch, just don’t put meat on it. We were in North Beach the other evening and decided I wanted a huge choice. I almost always get a choice out here in California but I wanted to try something new. I decided to venture to the cult known as Loving Hut (sorry, it’s so true) and get some tasty treats. The Northbeach/Chinatown LH is right by the parking garage I frequent so it is easy to get to, and they validate parking.

So off we went. This is the part where you wonder how I got my omni husband into a vegan restaurant. Unless you know him. See, he’s so very easy going with things like food. Which I don’t take for granted. He honestly doesn’t care 90% of the time. I want to go to an all lettuce buffet? Okay. I want frozen yogurt for dinner? Okay. He really only dislikes cauliflower, squishy tofu and can’t eat cilantro. He’s pretty much up for anything else.

LH Chinatown has a chinese based menu. Go figure huh? We started with a few appetizers, got some entrees and ended with dessert. I’m all about trying other vegan desserts! The spring rolls came out first, and it wasn’t a great first impression. I’m not a spring roll fan usually but the husband didn’t like them. He declared the tofu was squishy, so they didn’t get finished. I found the mint weird. But then all was forgiven when the fried wontons came out. I’m a fan of fried (obviously) and these were really damn good. The husband declared them some of the best wontons he’s had in awhile. That’s pretty awesome.

Then we got a few entrees. I tried the Broccoli with Chickenless Bites and brown rice. The chickenless part was wheat gluten and had a chewy texture. I got lots of broccoli which was great but I found the meat missing a bit and wanted a few more pieces. I still only ate half of it and it was good with hot sauce. The husband got Orange Sesame Bites which were soy. He inhaled it. I had one, it was good but I’m not a lover of citrus in savory dishes. I have to say, both rices were cooked perfectly.

I really was saving room for dessert. I was thinking of a vegan banana split but then decided on cake. I couldn’t decide between coconut and carrot and ended up with carrot. It was pretty good but had a lot fo walnuts. I’m not a huge fan but I ate it. The pieces of walnuts were really big so easy to pick out and I think it had dates, yum. It also reminded me I haven’t made carrot cake in a long time. The husband claimed he didn’t like their cream cheese icing. I did, but then again, I didn’t make it. Of course the husband chose the chocolate cake which was a german chocolate cake. Since I’m not a fan of german chocolate cake I took a bite from the back end and the frosting was nice and rich and the cake was moist. Good job! Nothing tasted chemically and I was pretty happy with how cheap it all was. We will probably go back even if just for a snack of fried wontons!

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