Lemony French Cake From 500 Vegan Recipes

A long time ago I was a tester for this recipe when Celine was just thinking about publishing a zine. I made mini cakes but this time I doubled the recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes and went all out.

Some of the edges got a bit extra browned but the cake itself is a nice dense lemon cake. It uses lemon extract mostly, but since I have a lemon tree I added some fresh lemon as well. It is much better the 2nd day after sitting in the fridge overnight. I just love dense lemon or bundt cakes. It probably needs half the icing I used (I quadrupled the recipe) but I’m a sugar beast.

I brought this to a party yesterday and after I started cutting it and putting it out on plates it vanished really quick. Everyone loved the lemon flavour and were impressed that I baked it myself. Obviously, they need to eat more of my baked goods!

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