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Lemon Vegan Agave Muffins

I really wanted something lemony. So this muffin recipe from Bob’s Red Mill was already vegan and I had all the ingredients. The chia seeds as an egg replacer kind of took on the part of a little bit of poppy seeds. Kind of nice, since I do like lemon poppyseed muffins. I also liked the agave nectar in them.

My issue¬†surprisingly¬†enough was with the flour. I don’t think that muffins are great for 100% whole wheat pastry flour. They got way too dense, and no I didn’t mix them too much. These would probably be a lot better with all purpose flour funny enough. Unless that is just me baking, which it could be. But next time I make them I’ll be using a blend.

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  1. elspeth says

    I bought some whole wheat flour and it was a pain to bake with. I’ve been slowly using it up in very small amounts in my baking and it still is hanging around! (It didn’t even work in my banana bread!)

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