Kickin’ Vegas Girly Style… At The Spa

I used to think I wasn’t really a girly girl. Then I decided to go all out and get with the program. I’ve always found spas really pricey and not worth it. I mean, that money can be better spent on shoes! It is true that now I will suffer through a pedicure once a month or so because I’m lazy, and get my eyebrows done but that’s about it in the cost of Shannon upkeep.

I figured since I was in Vegas, I might as well do the spa. I had never actually been to a nice spa, so it was a great place to break that spa virginity. Plus, you get to hang out naked all day if you like, and that is pretty damn fine by me. And they have a way better gym in the spa area. Which is honestly why I booked the appointments, but I could have paid $22 to just go to that gym if I was really into the gym only.

Yesterday I had an hour long facial. It was pretty nice, but I had no idea “extractions” hurt! Yeah, but let me tell you, my skin was angry with me before my facial and now it is glowing. It was almost worth it. I’m not sure I’d really put spa facials into my rotation at home since I do some of these things at home. It just didn’t relax me much, but as I said, my skin looks great. Today is a massage day, which is nothing new. I used to get masssages 2-3 times a week for therapy (thanks Canada!). I plan on hanging out after right where the photo has me. By the warm pool with my Nook. It is very hot here (got to 112 yesterday) so hanging outdoors doesn’t seem pleasant. Plus, I’d have to put on a bathing suit, and I’m just too lazy to get out of the robe!

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