Houston, We Have A Problem.

I cannot remember the last time I had a green monster or protein smoothie. I’ve been very stressed out at work and just grabbing other things. However, I think it even leads back as far as the husband moving back to California! SO bad.

You know that commercial where you they have two women starting their day off, one with a bad food choice and the other with a product placement food choice (that is supposed to be the healthy choice)? Well, that’s how I feel now. I’ve been eating a lot of banana/almond butter/low carb tortilla wraps in the am, and it isn’t that this is a bad choice per se, but it isn’t an amazing choice. I’m pretty sure it will help me choose a better lunch and dinner if I have a green monster in the morning.

Part of it is that I ran out of the protein powder I was testing out and I’m now back to GNC stuff. It just isn’t as good. But I’m trying not to do the whey so I don’t have to do all the extra digestive stuff, so I need to find a solution. I can get a vegan protein powder made at trueprotein.com pretty easily so I should probably go through the flavours I liked and do that very soon. Until then, I’m going to get back into the swing of things and rev this blender up!

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