Hotels. I Am A Snob.

I have to admit, I’ve turned into a hotel snob. There was a time when I could comfortably hunker down in a Motel 6 but those days seem to be over. Now when I’m stuck in a 70’s furbished room I get cranky. Especially since we spent the evening over at THEHotel, which was kind of nice. At least the suite we were in.  I have to admit, the bathroom here at Mandalay Bay is pretty huge.

I think if you are going on vacation, you should treat yourself to a nice home base. Unless you are the type of adventurers who just don’t ever see the inside of their room. For us, it takes the husband quite a long time to get motivated to seize the day so a nice room is imperative. Also, I don’t really sleep at least for the first few nights (which means I’m not really going to sleep in Vegas) so I need a nice place to hang out.

But alas “we” are not on vacation. The husband is here for work, and I’m working because I have work abandonment issues. And we got set up here with the option to upgrade on our own dime which was more than fair. I’m planning on hitting the spa today and tomorrow for hopefully some relaxation. But now I’m off to the gym since I’ve already finished a few hours of work and to see about the spa pools. The last thing I want to do today is spend my afternoon with all the kids at the wave pool beach.

Now, off to the gym!

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