August is pretty crumming in the fact that is when Mom died. Over the years I’ve tried to block out the date, and honestly, it has worked. I mean really, it was a crappy day, no need to relive it. I think birthdays (April 11th for mom) are so much more important. My grandparents brought my mom into the world on that date and that is why I am grateful. Even if she was born in Quebec 😉

Losing someone never gets easier, but it never gets harder either unless you dwell on things and make your current life difficult. It just gets different. It is weird to know that I can’t share parts of my life, either good or bad with people whom I truly love because they are not here anymore. It makes you really step back and think about all the things you keep bottled up and should share with someone, because there is an expiry date.

So here is a picture of my mom in her Brownie outfit on the porch at my grandparents house. The back of the photo has a comment from my grandmother:

“Ginny in her Brownie uniform. Her Brownie Pack and a good many others of course were going to be at the C.N.R station to greet Princess Margaret or at least see her coming in -Theresa”

Wikipedia helped me out to tell me this was in 1958. The train station is right by my grandparents old house, so I’m sure everyone in the neighbourhood just walked over and waved. I used to play a lot there as a kid, it has good memories 🙂