Cowboy Cookies huh? These are from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I’m just saying, don’t joke around when you say “I want something sweet” around me. The husband wanted something sweet, with chocolate. Done and done.

I have to say (probably again) that he usually only eats a bunch of whatever I bake right out of the oven or on that day. Then he passes the baked good by, no matter how wonderful he thought it was. They generally get blinders and he doesn’t even notice them right infront of his face. That’s why I try to make smaller batches, because I end up eating all of the “leftovers”. Unless it is muffins and he has been trained to eat one or two with his morning coffee. Must eat breakfast!

Anyway, these cookies got amazing reviews when he had his first few. He loved the nuts and coconut and chocolate together. They are a pretty easy cookie to whip up as well. Then, the next day he was eating them again! That is an excellent cookie folks.