I’ve heard all about it. Yes, a lot. Oh, Barney Butter is the best! Barney Butter rocks! Blah blah blah. Dude, it is almond butter. As a girl who has a heart made out of nut butter, peanut is my favourite. I can’t help it, I love me some peanuts. I’ve reviewed a lot of nut butters so I figured I’d shell out the cash for Mr. Barney since I was already at Whole Foods, and out of almond butter.

So I shelled out some cash and picked up some crunchy. And then I tasted it. Oh. My. Word. If you are new to other nut butters try this one. I view it as a gateway nut butter if all you’ve had has been peanut butter. It tastes amazing, and very similar to peanut butter. No oily stirring required yet it is still all natural. The spoonful below is directly from the newly opened jar. No stirring, just wonderful crunch almond butter. Now, I’m off to get my next spoonful! Runny nut butters have their place, but I’m seriously more of a fan of solid no-stir varieties. So yes, this has jumped by leaps and bounds to the top of my nut butter list, even if I did try to avoid the hype.

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