I’m back and forth as to if this recipe on CandidaFood.com is actually anti-candida diet friendly. It has apple cider vinegar, which is controversial. Some say it is okay, others say not so much. My ex-hippy doctor wasn’t down with any types of vinegar including apple cider vinegar. Either way, it is a great basic bean salad. I never thought to add dried mustard so I’m glad I tried it.

Be sure to let it sit overnight. This makes a lot of bean salad, perfect for a potluck or picnic. In fact, you could make your life easier and use canned beans. I’m not afraid of the can.

I’m trying to get my system back in sync, and I’m trying to avoid yeast and other things my body hates. Sugar. Ugh, so hard. Not when you have this nice bean salad though! Actually, the hardest part for me is the fermented stuff, mushrooms and fruit. I’m sticking to my doctors advice with the 2 servings of fruit a day because I’m not willing to give up watermelon yet. I’m not going fully hardcore on the diet, but I’m trying to be mindful.

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