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Vegan Banana Waffles

I’m really loving waffles. I was tempted in the grocery store to pick up some frozen waffles and remembered how easy they are to make. I have a George Foreman with waffle plates so I can multitask on my indoor grill. Perfect. I had some bananas to use and wanted banana waffles.

Found a great recipe on VegWeb and went to town. Halved the recipe (and regretted not having very many leftovers, let that be a lesson to you) but kept the full amount of bananas and added some cake spice. I didn’t bother using a blender, I just used my mixer as my banana was very ripe. Turned out great!

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  1. elspeth says

    That looks sooooo good – even better than the Stacks waffle I had yesterday! I love the edges especially.

  2. elspeth says

    It’s interesting they don’t need eggs in the recipe, too.

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