Sushi Main Street Pt. 2

Oh hello Sushi Main Street, we meet again. This time I tried to remember to take photos! Which was partially successful. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not cut out to be a hardcore food blogger because 90% of the time I totally forget to take photos of everything.

I started off good, honest. Even taking some menu photos. Why I come here? Well, they have a vegetarian broth. They have soba and udon, but I’m a hot soba fan. They also have some other noodle bowls I spied later in the menu but I’m always stuck in my ways. I ordered edamame which gave me about 10 blurry shots on my camera. You’ve seen edamame before, it looked like… edamame. The husband got his favourite wasabi pork dumplings.

Then we were talking and that is when I forgot I was a food blogger. My soba came out and I dug in. Same with the sushi. I tried to be artistic with the leftovers. One day I’ll be able to pace myself. Honest. Also, it is really hard to take a photo with your left hand while holding chopsticks in your right hand. I guess I could of asked for help but the husband really patiently watched as I tried to snap a few shots and laughed on the inside.

My green dragon roll is nowhere to be found. Instead of getting tempura with my noodles I always get the green dragon roll as it is a veggie tempura roll. Makes sense to me! Since we are only about 9 miles away now I should probably branch out and try something new. It is just so hard to find a veggie broth that I like and that is available! Maybe I’ll get another noodle dish when we go back next. Yum

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