Something Has Been Missing, Oh Yeah, Beans!

The urge to diet is so strong. I can always be a little thinner, a little more healthy, a little this and that. A little more comfortable with myself maybe? It is a work in progress. And I haven’t sunk back into the whole “I’ll just diet for 5 more pounds” mentality yet. Because really, it’s stupid. Tempting, but stupid.

But in trying to eat intuitively, I’ve kind of lost my way with the reintroduction of the husband into my life. We’ve both been aware that we are doing stupid shit to our diets the past few weeks. Like eating way too much crap and over filling our gullets. I guess we just feed off of eachother, in a bad way. But we see it, and we are trying to change. I know he is tired of adding to the scale, as he did amazing and lost a lot of weight while we lived separate. I didn’t, and yet I can still gain at lightning speed. Go go broken metabolism. Either way, the scale is up because I’m shoving food in my mouth (that half the time I don’t need or want) and it will stop.

So while I have stopped being a food pusher for him, I’ve kind of stopped eating certain foods that I really like but don’t please the husband. Like beans. So good for you, but I rarely put them on the menu now even if we eat in. I need to get back to making more beans, and more legume options. I kind of got off the bean wagon with my failed slow carb diet. It didn’t do much of anything for my waistline. As in, I had a 0% loss for the whole month I was strict on the diet vegetarian style. However, even if the diet didn’t work out, beans are still good! So starting this week I want to try to mindfully incorporate more legumes into my life.

Sure, the best part of eating intuitively is eating what you want, but sometimes I don’t know what it is I want. If beans are around, I will probably want them. So time to bust out my pressure cooker and recipes and get cookin!

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I'm Shannon and I love to bake, hike, play video games and have fun. I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband and cat.


  1. we both tried the slow carb thing for a month too & neither of us lost a thing either. i don’t think i’ve had a bean since, but you’ve just reminded me that i still like them. 🙂

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