One of the things about working for the big shoe is that I only bought (non Fluevog) shoes at the company. The 30% off was too hard to gloss over. I recently picked up running again and my shoes were not cutting it. Why not take the opportunity to head down to Road Runner Sports in San Carlos? I ordered from them online years ago, I think when I was starting C25k. Anyway, what I liked about them was that I could return my shoes, even if I had run in them and they were not working for my feet. Up to 90 days. Talk about great customer service.

I did the Shoe Dog experience. I got a new girl and I was distracted from taking photos. She said my name in every sentence that came out of her mouth. It also took her about 5 minutes to figure out how to turn on the monitor. She was nice though, and really explained how my feet and gait were in easy terms. I didn’t really want easy terms but I think that is how she understood the procedure. We measured, I jogged, we did the pressure mat, and orthotics.

(not my feet and not my sales associate, but she was working with some kids and she was excellent at her job)

There wasn’t really a lot of talk about pronation, just where the pressure was when I stood (my heels, mostly my right foot), and my turnout, which is I guess bad for runners. Sorry, I was a dancer before a runner, that’s how I move, and I’m a worse runner than I am a hiker, if you can believe that. I find it funny that I was putting pressure on my heels, as when I’m walking around at home in barefeet my heels rarely touch the floor. I think I was concentrating on standing like a normal human. Which was good since I really try not to run on the balls of my feet and get a mid foot strike. Anyway, since I’m unbalanced (heh) she made me a pair of custom orthotics. Then I was off to try on shoes with another associate.

I tried on 5 pairs of shoes. Brooks Trance 10, Asics Kayano 17, Nike Zoom Equation, Saucony Hurricanes,  and Mizuno Wave Nirvana. I was suprised that I ended up with the Asics. The Brooks and Nike hit weird on my arch. I liked the Saucony but they only had an 11, and they were a tad too big. The Kayano fit nicely, and I picked them up in the least obnoxious colourway they had.

The custom orthotics are kind of cool. However, they made my feet squeal. There is a break in time and I didn’t want to shell out the extra $80. I’m pretty sure my very casual running will be fine with just the stock shoes. The husband does get insoles and I joined the VIP (which is $20 instore and $2 online, wtf??) so that we could go back and get him hooked up for his boots. They do mold them to your feet which is pretty cool.

[Update] After writing this draft I went to the website and saw that they had the Kayano in black. I went to the store and returned my shoes and they will ship the black colourway directly to my home for free. Also, I paid $19.99 for the VIP membership in store and it was $1.99 on the website. I asked about the huge price difference and they said the $1.99 wasn’t instore but they gave me that price for my instore discount for this year.