Dear Netflix,

I’ve been with you through thick and thin. In fact, I’ve been with you since 2001. Sure, I’m not one of those freaky early adopters but 10 years into a relationship really means something to me. You’ve been tolerable up until yesterday when I got the email about my account changes. But lets look at a play by play of little things that grow into huge issues.

I’m not even going to cover the price increases that have happened over the years. This just happens, and it is business but I don’t like it. I’m a user that gets 3 discs and streaming.

Let’s talk about the discs. Well, things were pretty good until you decided that I can’t get new releases when they are released. While that kind of pissed me off, I’m generally pretty slow on movie rotations (yes, we did have that disc for over a year) and while it didn’t affect me in a “I’m gonna cut you” way, it kind of irked me. It also kind of irked me that I have to play $2.00 for bluray discs yet not all the selections are available in bluray. I do it anyway, because I’m a sucker. Also, yes I do notice that you slow things down when I’m on a watching spree. Everyone knows about this. It is pretty petty but that’s just another grumble in the long chain of issues.

Streaming. Yeah. So I get that you want everyone to just jump on the streaming wagon, it will be cheaper for you. I sure would if you offerred more options. I just watched Californication season 1 and had to get the discs for season 2. Oh, and let me state that if you are going to have items up on instant, you should contract better so that they don’t have an expiry date. I HAD to watch Californication before July 1. Or else I had to get the discs because you didn’t contract well. Is that my fault? This happens with all the big movies. I put them in my instant queue, forget about them and then they aren’t available. I know you might think it weird I didn’t want to watch Julie & Julia or the new Clash of the Titans right away (meaning probably 28 days after the rest of the US could buy the movie), but I didn’t. And now I can’t without getting a disc. At least I can get a disc, but the streaming only package really blows.

So that leaves me with the new plans. My plan is going to be close to $30. And really, that is my tipping point. I feel nickled and dimed. And here is where I say that: TiVo grandfathered me into each rate increase and I’m paying my initial contract fee. For 8 years. AND I called them up and if I sell or give my TiVo to someone else in a month (which they give me for free), THEY will be grandfathered into my plan, not the new rates. Fair? Hell yes. And appreciated. And all I get from you, Netflix, is an email saying that I need to give you more money for the same service.

This is why I’m probably¬†canceling. I don’t want to. I’m pretty loyal. However, I feel there is no benefit for me, no gold star for being loyal. I can DVR movies just the same honestly, or rent from Amazon or Apple. I’ll miss out on a lot of anime but I think I’ll survive. There are other services for that. I know you want to make money like we all do, but I want to feel valued as a consumer, and you are doing everything in your power to push me away.

So I don’t feel appreciated being treated just like an average joe user after 10 years. There are so many months where my account has no¬†activities. A lot of months. And you not only take my money, but you say it isn’t enough. I don’t want to go down to 1 disc since I watch a lot of serials, I want the plan I chose. It isn’t that I can’t afford it, but it is because I don’t see the value in your offer.