Milkshake Werks, Redwood City & San Mateo Farmers Market

The first time I went to the San Mateo Farmers Market I passed by this booth for Milkshake Werks and thought of the husband. He’s a self professed ice cream addict but he wasn’t in town yet so I tucked it away in my back pocket to revisit. And I sure did revisit! I checked them out. They have vegan ice cream! I was super excited, and she said they had more flavours in the shop in Redwood City. I picked up the two vegan flavours she had on hand. Just because she had them!

Vegan Coffee Cookies & Cream, and Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip.  Both sounded fab, and since the husband is a coffee fiend he got the coffee one. Inhaled of course, and a good “mmm” review.

I took the chocolate chocolate chip and I loved it. It was pretty rich (I haven’t come into anything that is too rich for me, but it might be rich for some other people) and it was kind of like eating frozen pudding. Wonderful. I do like light and airy frozen treats once in awhile, but this was wonderful and an in your face flavour. I can’t wait to go to the shop and maybe get different flavours or really anything that won’t kill my stomach. I still have a soft spot for Yumi Yogurt, but if I don’t want to be ill after eating, I can always drive to Redwood City now!

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