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Me in a Bikini. Yeah, That’s Funny, You Can Laugh.

Yeah, I went there. This will probably be the only time you’ll see me in a bikini, at least on the blog. The 70′s were fun and this was part of a bikini contest for kids. Seriously. Now that there is Toddlers & Tiaras I’ve found out how really damn innocent we were back then. Can I point out my mom made my bikini and I didn’t win. Lame. I’m still holding a grudge. I mean, come on. I was cute. Then it went all down hill with the pixie sticks and chocolate milk addiction. Rehab and trouble with the law. Okay, not so much, but I might as well make a good story out of it besides going to a bikini contest at a local public pool! This also reminds me I was a pretty damn tall kid, even if I was the shortest in the family!

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