Huddart County Park Dean – Crystal Springs Loop

Oh, another pay park. However today it was only $6 and actually, I was fine with that price. This park was really nice and the trails were peaceful. There were a lot of people picnicking and barbecuing but on the trails it was nice.

Huddart County Park is tucked into Woodside right off of 84. It was a nice day so there were gaggles of jersey bikers but in the park the trails are off limits to cyclists (at least the ones I was on) so they didn’t bother going into the park. The trails are nicely groomed and it is nice and shaded.

The trails were really well marked and there were a lot of switchbacks. I’m glad I found an easy park with swichbacks after my last hike, I didn’t feel so defeated. I took the Dean Trail to the Crystal Springs Trail back to the Dean Trail for a loop. Booklet says 4.7, I got 4.38 even with my random wanderings when I wasn’t paying attention. Seriously, I was out of it, the signs are really really noticeable.

It was such a beautiful day. No jacket required. A light breeze when it was needed. I was really suprised I didn’t run into more people on the trail. I did see a few but they were on Skyline or some of the other trails. I was content to zen out and relax from a busy week. I got to do that and get my head straight. It was exactly the hike that keeps me hiking. I don’t do it to kill myself, or to time myself, I do it to relax and be grateful that I can do these things.

And grateful I was. Unfortunately after 3 miles my knees started to really bother me. But I realized that they bothered me, but I could walk. I tried not to focus on it, but focus on the positive. Sometimes the positive was taking an Aleve when I got to the car but I tried. My body is falling apart and has been for years. That’s nothing new. However, I don’t want to stop moving, and so I didn’t.

It really wasn’t the trails fault for my knees. Sometimes the rocky paths really get jolting but this was pretty cush. Honestly it was mostly the gentle downhill that hurt because when I started to climb up it felt a bit better. I’m still a bit sore but it isn’t bad. I know when it gets bad. Like after my oopsie 9 mile hike last year that I didn’t even bother writing about.  I will be back to this loop and maybe another few in the future. I felt this park was worth the price of admission, and it is pretty close to my place so I don’t mind.

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