Edgewood Park & Preserve: Sylvan & Serpentine Trails

Oh Edgewood. I’ve been in love with the concept of you being a favourite quick park, so close to home and an easy weekday hike that I kind of glossed over your obvious faults. Like your location. And your lack of shade. At least you were easy to get to! But lets talk about the hike I went on.

I decided to get the most mileage I could in a loop in this park. That meant the Sylvan “exercise” trail to the Serpentine trail. The Sylvan trail was really busy, which isn’t a problem. It was mostly shaded for the first mile and then as I got closer to the Serpentine it started to get full on sunny. I had sunscreen on, and was hoping for the best anyway.

There were some  really pretty vistas! However, once I got a quarter mile onto the Serpentine I was pretty much following 280, a large highway. It got worse after mile 2, and I had to really use both headphones. And it was ALL open. So I was hot, not in a zen mood and getting lapped by an old guy jogging. Okay, that third part totally was my fault. It was just loud though. I was hoping this would be a great quick weekday park, but I think I’ll just bump it off the list. Too bad, it was free!

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