Core Meal Core Defender Raw Almond & Raisin Bar

While I was at Whole Foods for lunch I saw some samples. I’m generally not a sample kind of girl, but I saw the words “raw” and “vegan” and had to check it out. I chatted up Corie from Core Foods and learned about the products and found out they were local. Not all the products were vegan because they have a few bars for athletes that have whey, but I’m pretty sure that they were good (I just didn’t want to be a glutton and eat the whole display, sheesh). I really wanted the Raw Cashew Cacao but they were already sold out! I never even saw the Raw Walnut Banana but that sounds fab.

What I want to say about these bars? If you like Vega, then you will for sure dump them for this product. Vega has like 50 ingredients and this bar had… 4. Seriously. 4. And was at least double the size, and none of that “I’m eating vitamins and minerals” taste.

Now, for me, the problem was that I’m addicted to sweet. This bar had raisins as ingredient #3 out of 4, and the fourth was the spices. SO it is perfect for someone who wants to refuel and not be in a sugar coma, or someone who is diabetic or insulin resistant. I even know some people don’t like sweet things for breakfast (freaks). For me however, it wasn’t sweet enough. I’m a baker, that’s how I roll. However, I felt satisfied after 1/2 a bar, and that NEVER happens. So the lack of sugar really does help.

So if you kinda like Vega, and are too lazy to make your own fudge babies, then this product is for you. If you live in the Bay Area support a local company! If you don’t beg your Whole Foods or local health food store to bring them in.

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