Sweeney Ridge: Sneath Lane Trail

Here’s the part where I admit that after my last hiking post, I haven’t hiked in 20 days. Yeah. That move thing kind of got me. Well, last weekend I was just a lazy beast, but there’s no real way I can do that mileage and work. I might replan it out for my birthday or something. A full year, not a 6 month stint. Anyway, I finally got off of the couch and went on a hike! It was later in the day but I didn’t think much about it. I headed up to San Bruno to check out some views at Sweeney Ridge.

I know, I generally start out posts with how lost I got driving and how I never found the trail head. Well, this one was simple. It also helps that I knew where Sneath Lane was from working in South SF (and knowing where Tanforan Mall is, Target, duh). So I got there fine. I was kind of worried because when I was on 280 the fog was starting to roll in but I didn’t think anything of it since it was still only around 4pm, still lots of time before sunset.

Oops. Bay area hiking rule number 2, fog follows no clock (Rule number 1 refresher – “dress in layers, it is cold out, dumbass”). So yeah, it was 4pm, but the fog was coming in really quickly. I thought it was cool that there were fog lines on this paved part of the trail. Then it got me thinking. “You know Shan, it isn’t cool to get stranded and not be able to see jack shit as you are trying to climb down a freaking mountain by yourself”. Yeah. This trail did have about 4 other people I passed but most people avoided the trail today.

Not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but fog is my favourite weather. Why the heck would I avoid watching it roll and swirl around on a trail? Well, besides the obvious falling down a freaking mountain because I can’t see excuse. Anyway, it wasn’t super thick so I decided to keep my eye on the speed of the fog and then turn around when I thought it was getting iffy.

You know what makes the fog so speedy? Wind. You know what rarely happened in Missouri? Really windy trails. You know why I look beet red even though I’m wearing sunscreen? Yeah, windburn. Seriously. Also, since it has been so unseasonably warm around here I didn’t wear enough layers. Note to self, get some more long sleeve tech shirts already, idiot. The jacket was a lifesaver though, since it is pretty wind resistant. Love it! Well, the parts that had a jacket.

Oh yes, trees bending from the damn wind. I was walking uphill in this, well trying to walk uphill. It was like walking through sand. The views of the fog were so amazing but when I actually got to the Sweeney Ridge trail I opted to not go further and thought I should turn around for a 3.5 mile hike instead. I was having trouble seeing at this point so I headed back the way I came and startled a bobcat who decided to take the trail. We stood thee staring at each other for a few seconds then I tried to be cool and pull out my camera and the fuzzy butt ran away. Obviously, since it was a cute thing that could maul me to death the first thing I thought of was a blog photo. Hah. It was a baby, I could have taken it 😉

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