San Mateo Farmers Market

Saturdays are always big for farmers markets. There is one up at The College Of San Mateo on Saturdays so I ventured out. It was in the parking lot (yay for lots of parking) and it ran 2 large aisles. There were a lot of food vendors but there were also a lot of fruit and veggie vendors too. Today I really noticed the pricing differences at the market, a lot of times I’m blinded by the wonderful looking produce but today I could see the variations.

Today there were math struggles. $5 a pound for organic spinach or $2 a bag for organic spinach. $5 seems like a lot but when I stuffed my bag it came out to $1.75. Huh. It was a bit easier to judge $3.00 per pound of peaches to $2.25 per pound and a $3 head of organic cauliflower was $2 right down the way. Sometimes the cheaper produce doesn’t look as healthy and I might pass it up but I always want to know my options. I’m not a stickler for prices but I like to be aware.

I always do at least one pass before I buy. Well, almost always. Sometimes I get drawn in and don’t feel the need to browse. Sometimes I just know I want THESE cherries, or THAT head of broccoli. And that is fine. But this farmers market in general? Easy to get to and has a lot of vendors. Lots of parking and I’ll hit it up quite frequently!

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