Redwood Regional Park: West Ridge Trail

Yeah, another case of Shannon can’t find the trailhead. So I get back to write this post and I realize that I didn’t drive far enough to get to the intended trailhead. No wonder I couldn’t find the connector trails, they were behind me. I still had a nice hike at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. I just didn’t drive far enough, but I will go on my next hike. And I’ll write about it dammit.

I don’t know how many posts it will take till someone decides to chauffeur me to the parking lot and shove me infront of the trailhead sign. Anyway, I found the West Ridge Trail, and I took that for 2.5 miles. It passed the Chabot Science Center and it was a nice hike. I’m pretty out of shape and my allergies were killing me but it was a good 5.10 miles added to my year goal.

This trail is very popular and very wide. It reminded me of a very hilly version of the Al Foster Trail in Missouri. Lots of people, dogs (after 11am all the puppies were out unleashed to play) and it was nice out. Until it rained. Twice. Stupid sunshowers. That will be fixed with a new jacket. Of course there will be a review! I knew you were dying to ask 😉

As I said I couldn’t find the connectors so I stayed on the main trail went down 2.5 miles. Decided since I saw two signs for the Baccharis Trail on the way down that it looped into the West Ridge so I took that back. It was pretty close to the same scenery but less people. Oh, but I had a lot of uphill to do. Blah. That is when I started getting pissed at the dogs wanting to play with me as my Garmin was telling me I was about to die and maybe I should slow down. Nah.

The knees, they hurt. Not sure if I’m going to get many 5+ hikes out of them. Blah.

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