Redwood Regional Park: West Ridge To East Ridge Loop

Hey, at least I’m honest on this blog and when I admitted to not finding the parking lot during my last hike, I bucked up and tried again. Yeah, I was really close to the damn parking lot, that’s really embarrassing. Oh well. This time I found the lot, and it was full. No worries, I parked my car and headed to do the loop in 60 Hikes SF edition.

This is a really popular set of trails. There was almost always someone around which I’m not used to. And a lot of dogs. From what the signs say they are allowed off leash. Just wish they would stop attacking eachother while I was trying to hike. Anyway, it was pretty and a nice 4 miles. The West Ridge Trail (north of where I picked it up before) was meh, kind of boring. But the view down was really pretty.

Talk about an akward moment. I was setting up to do a funny self portrait since there was a flat surface (bench) and I was doing some stupid shit and a biker went buy as I was posing for a blurry photo with gang signs. And he stopped and asked if he could help me and take my picture. Yeah. And then he wanted to talk. Okay fine. But I’m here to hike, geeze.

I fell in love with the Tres Sendas trail. It was so beautiful. I loved every moment of it. The Stream Trail wasn’t bad ass it ran beside a stream (wow, go figure). The kind of crappy part was Prince Road as it was ALL uphill with no switchbacks. And the the East Ridge Trail was kind of boring.

The East Ridge did have some beautiful views though. I think when I go back I’ll do the French Trail and maybe loop back with the Stream Trail. Not sure what is up with that but it looks fun. This whole park is just great. There is enough traffic to feel safe and the views are really pretty. And at 4 miles it adds to my mileage!

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