I was really getting bummed about the idea that I would no longer be hiking on 100 degree weather. I had fun last year, and with my Camelbak and a lot of shade so I didn’t worry about the heat really at all. This year is totally different. While it is in the 90s everyday in Missouri, it is still “cold” here. And by cold I mean I’m hiking in 60 degree weather. In the summer. I knew this, but still, it is kind of a shock.

My fleece just wasn’t cutting it and I needed a nice tech jacket. Honestly, it pays to have a friend who works for an outdoor company. I ended up buying a Northface Cipher Hybrid Jacket and feel pretty good about it.

So, what do I like about it? I like that it is fitted and has great seam structure. It is very very light. The Gor-Tex Windstopper fabric is really great, especially on the windy trails around here. It has great breathability and yet awesome wind resistance. It fits well even with my Camelbak.

Cons? Well, it is a bit too light just to wear with a short sleeved shirt for me, however, it is good for layering which totally makes up for that. It isn’t the jackets fault that I get cold and clammy when I’m warm. The inside isn’t really nice on the skin either, and I wish it had something softer to be more of a barricade between my skin and the fabric. I was looking at the jacket up from this one and it probably would have been not as versatile. It also lacks features. It has 2 pockets. No inside pockets. No little headphone jack or ipod pocket. My Burton snowboard jacket is tricked out and even my Roots hoodie has a little jack hole in the inside pocket so I can weave my headphone cord on the inside. It started raining on my last hike and I had to jam my phone and camera into the pockets and the cords were in the way and I was kind of cranky. It is kind of disappointing for the price. My snowboard jacket cost the same and has more useful features. The pockets are well sized, but still. That’s all it has, besides a hood.

I’m very happy to have it however. While it is a bit light, it just means it will last me through more seasons. The arms are nice and long and it is tight around my hips (on purpose) so there is no draft. Hell, I even took an unflattering shot because it is a good jacket.