I’m not really a donut fan, so I have no idea why I decided to make donuts when the husband wasn’t here yet. They just sounded so good when I saw them on It Ain’ Meat Babe. They are really easy to make. Want to know the secret of making donuts without a mess? Pipe the batter into the pan. Seriously, it will save you such a headache, especially if you use a mini donut pan like I do.

The verdict? Yummy. I mean, they are pretty cakey and I actually enjoyed them. I just dunked them in melted chocolate without the oil because I was too lazy to go to the store and pick up some coconut oil. I still don’t have a fully stocked pantry. I’m working on it, but I’m trying in this new place not to be a huge food collector. It is hard but it should save me money in the long run, right?