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Things get dangerous at work. My office is inbetween a Target and a Whole Foods. Seriously. So guess who gets monster salads and other yummy treats most days? Especially without a kitchen? Yeah. There’s the reason why I gained some weight right there. Need more hiking!

I was pretty excited that this Whole Foods has a Cafe Gratitude inside! I always feel bad dragging people to veg restaurants and here I don’t have to, and I can get something for lunch and try new things. I can’t believe that I’d have to say this, but CG is even more expensive than Whole Foods. Seriously. Anyway, it is a good treat and you can get some tasty and odd items.

Now, these are a bunch of hippies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind hippies but it is their job to ask you questions and spread the word of peace/love/lentils. Okay, it is kind of cultish, but they have tasty food and don’t step on bugs. Anyway, I like to try new things and I’ve had quite a few things from there. I do love the “I Am Whole” bowl which has sea vegetables, kale, kim chee, carrots, sprouts, tahini garlic sauce and your choice of brown rice or quinoa. I only got 2 measly almonds. Punks. Anyway, it was tasty and it is fun trying new things there. That is where I finally got my little hands on some smoked coconut.

The people working there are busy “being” so service is slow, but they know me now and don’t bug me with the questions and I wait 15 minutes for them to zenly make my damn food when I’m the only one there. It is kind of nice to be able to eat everything on a menu, minus the avocado 😉

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