Vallco Farmers Market

Farmers markets during the day are hard to get to when you have an office job. However, when you work down the street and the hours are 9-1, it sounds like a great idea for a lunch hour! Vallco Farmers Market is right down the street from my office. Very convenient for me. Since it is in the mall parking lot, there is lots of parking which is a bonus.

This is a petite by California standards farmers market. No big deal for me because there were still a lot of vendors and a lot of choice. It is a few rows wide and the really cool thing is there are a bunch of food stalls. Perfect for lunch! Yes, I did pick up lunch, I’ll report on that later. But there were still a bunch of fruits and veggies which was nice.  Oh, it is the beginning of cherry season out here. Beware! And look at the cauliflower options! Yay! I’ll definitely be back.

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