Restaurant Chain I Dig: Hobees

Hobees is a California chain and I totally dig them. I know I’m not generally into chains but I also like First Watch which is a competitor but national. They do breakfast and lunch just like FW, but their menu is a bit bigger. And they have tofu. This is huge to me. When I crave a tofu scramble I always think of Hobees because they do a pretty good scramble. They also have other tofu dishes and other veggie options. An oatmeal bar and a salad bar too!

Hobees is definitely a family joint so don’t be surprised to see a lot of kids. It honestly isn’t that big a deal to me since the place is bustling already (however I was cussing up a storm, oops! sorry kiddies). They are so veggie friendly that I’m just happy to have more than one choice! I tend to gravitate towards the pancakes and carby things but today was all about a tofu scramble.

It was good, and it was huge. Not that it being huge stopped me from inhaling it all. I love the spices they mix in to the scramble, it is just spot on. As I’ve said before I’ve never really had scrambled eggs nor do they appeal to me. I like that tofu scrambles really don’t remind me of eggs at all. It is like a veggie and tofu hash really. I love it. I also loves that it comes with their famous coffee cake. Not vegan. Doesn’t matter. The one flavour they always have is blueberry, and the rotating flavour was peach pecan. When I came to California in the fall they had pumpkin and it was awesome. Today I kicked it old school with blueberry sans the butter on top. Hey, I tried 😉

I case you think that it a huge slice… it is. They are massive portions. Yes, I was chatting away and finished it all. I couldn’t even keep the camera steady to get a non fuzzy picture, nor did I care. I just wanted to dig in. No wonder I didn’t want dinner though with how much food I inhaled. Sheesh.

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