I was craving a burrito so headed over to Whole Foods. See, I was too lazy to go anywhere else and Whole Foods is beside my work. I didn’t have high hopes so I was pleasantly suprised when I actually got a good tasting burrito. I went classic with black beans, brown rice, pico de gallo and salsa verde. All wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. It was awesome. The bad news? Well, it was kind of pricey for a burrito, but well worth the $6 since I didn’t have to drive anywhere. Also, it was 12 oz of deliciousness and I inhaled it all. Oops. That’s a lot of food. Oh, another bad thing? I got a burrito punch card. I see many more in my future. They even have tofu and roasted veggies. I’m doomed. It was exactly how I love my burritos. *sigh*